MW Maria

Artist & Designer

8 september - 28 october 2022
Solo Exhibition
The Journey

Travelling... What does it mean for your?

You can travel between countries and places, between past and future, between your own and not your own thoughts.

What travel means? Are you going for something, looking something, wondering to know? Do you take a journey to yourself? Are your travelling through life, like each other from us?

Art is dialog between past and future. Art reflects the future.

The images of the past are fluid and fuzzy, they are refracted through subsequent experience and present mood, giving birth to the memories of the future.

So, I want to tell you about my artworks and it's history. I have created series based on memories about the beauty of the cities and landscapes I've seen. Process of creating art means double reflection: not only the memory, but also the emotion of the present. Remembering an imageā€¦ Memories of the future as an attempt to remember, to fix what you will forget or have almost forgotten. Whose memory is this? Mine about the buildings? Or the memory of the buildings about me?

Time is one of the key themes.

The shapes of figures are fuzzy, dissolving, like the moment of creation the painting in real life, dissolving between the past and the future. Sometimes you are a stranger to yourself, so faces are unclear and hidden in the shadows.

My aim is telling the beauty of the moment by placing it outside of time. See something special and talk about it. You start to speak out, no matter what the topic, and your voice opens up.

The prints symbolize the journey - it's like you're talking to works that are in another country right now.

Address: Rua do Forno do Tijolo, 9 A, Lisbon

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