Art for me is a way to change reality
Maria Who (born in 1996 in Moscow) is an artist and designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. She graduated from Stroganov Academy of Fine Arts and Design and participated in several exhibitions and fairs in CIS and Europe. Resident of MAD Marvila, member of Artfinder.
Speaking by the paintings and drawings, she brings up the time travelling discussion. The images of the past in her works are fluid and fuzzy, they are refracted through subsequent experience and present mood, giving birth to the memories of the future. True-to-life vision, deep reflection, recalling and recreating the fragments lost in memory are combined into impressionistic and abstract painting. Representation of impressions immediacy and memory inconstancy is also empowered by special technique: linseed oil instead of solvent leaves a place for unpredictability, chance, and with it, life itself.
2022 - Art Residency in MAD Marvila
2022 - "The Journey" Solo in Lisbon
2022 - artist on Artfinder
2022 - Rove. Lisbon
2022 - Venice International Art Fair 14 Edition.
2021 – Boomer gallery. London
2020 - Art Russia Fair. Moscow
2020 - ROSE` Art Gallery. Moscow

When I paint I always start with a particular image, but then I follow the way the material speaks and the way my hands feel it. It’s such a peculiar texture of the soul. If I have painted for real, if in that moment there was that true expression, I then look at the brushstrokes on the canvas as something native, I take it as a part of me.

Like a caressed body -
Canvas. With strokes like kisses.
Touched, as gently with a finger,
Over the warm skin.
Traces of love, if one could see - they would be so.
Like brushstrokes on a canvas.
You know every stroke.

W. Maria
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